Buckethand Line-up

Product features

Our products attachment functional parts for backhoe bucket. Your mini backhoe would be up work performance and efficiency of performance besides the bucket arm increase strength.Can be used in 10 seconds to 30 seconds in when you want to use. You will be able to choose from a variety of our optional parts.


The strength of the arm will increase.It will prevent the failure of the arm.


Buckethand Standard
You carry anything grabbing.When not in use, it does not get in the way of work if by inverting.


Grab Finger 2 piece set of Grab Finger and Earth Finger
Earth Finger: It can scoop up the object whose are not able to keep in the bucket.
Forl Fin fer:It can be grabbing a grass, leaves, straw, waste.

mouth instruments
Angle sandwiching opens 120 degrees or more.(Usually 70 degrees).You can carry a large stone firmly grabbed at the root of the bucket.



It is attached to the tip of the bucket hand, increasing the grip force.


Rake Finger
This finger is convenient that collected grass and a carry slips agriculture in the popular.




Block Finger
You can move grabbed without damaging the concrete product.The object concrete is not broken grabbed in full slot.


Long Hand Finger
It can be lifting some luggage by user supplied wire  *Please prepare a electric winch yourself.
Using the supplied sickle, you can debranch of high place.


Further customize Long Hand Finger, it was fitted with a dye sprayer.

Lift Fork
You carry it put everything on top of the pallet, etc..   *Please prepare a pallet yourself.
It is effective in working with rough road surface can not use the forklift.


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