What is Buckethand...?
It is installed to an arm of a mini backhoe machine (Machine mass ~5t, or The bucket size: ~0.2 m3), used for a grab, lift, load and so on are special work.
By install Buckethand standard, you can attach variety of options that possible to perform more specific tasks.

What is a concept of Buckethand...?
A backhoe is a heavy equipment, has powerful, mobility,durable and potential of working capacity. We have consider that by installing an attachment at an arm of a backhoe, it becomes possible to a variety of work by the only backhoe. It should be also convenience and easy operating. Then,we developed original backhoe attachment of "Buckethand" series.
We will continue pursue the development of backhoe attachment to maximize the possibility of a mini backhoe potential capacities.

Is it similar products have been sold in other companies...?
In terms of Buckethand,there exists replacement backhoe attachment “Fork bucket” from before. There are differences that is convenient and easiness between the two products. Weight of Buckethand is a lightweight at 10 kilograms to 35 kilograms. It can be used in 30 seconds in when you want to use, also accustomed immediately with simple operation.
In contrast,Weight of a fork bucket is 30 kg to 200 kg. If you want to use it,you need to at least 10 minutes more that changed bucket is heavy labor.
Regarding price, Buckethand is a little expensive than others. Buckethand has originality and completely handmade. In other side, it is installed in backhoe arm at all times which becomes durable reinforcement of arm portions that has the side effect of preventing mechanical damage. To provide the high-value-added products, I feel reasonably okay with we provide the price.

Does anyone imitate and sell Buckethand...?
Actually some people have been to imitated Buckethand and sell the imitation product. However, they couldn't  make good products that it isn't nearly as quality as Buckethand is.

Could you be a little more flexible about the price...?
Our company's policy, we always present fair price for customer profitability. It is difficult for us that reduce the manufacturing cost. All the product is a custom-made manufacturing in Japan.
However, we will be able to reduce cost for shipping and duty tax. we will try our best. If you order high volume, we will be able to discount a transportation charges.

Is it possible that an installed buckethand reinstall to other backhoe?
It can not replace to other backhoe machines.
As mentioned earlier, Buckethand is all custom-made. To fit the customer's machine, the craftsman will handmade.
There are differences whom backhoes manufacturer or model number and by year, and in the length of the arm  size and the bucket size. Also used backhoe, the shape of the arm will change in usage.
In order to work properly,  let us know the each part of the width or diameter, and measurement of each part.
We have an order table.

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