Our Company

Our company,BOS TRADING was established in Dec,2014.BOS & BUCKETHAND Corporation was established in July,2015.Our company practice the Blue Ocean Strategy and provide high-value products.
We also deal in second-hand products that had used in Japan.
Nowadays,used in Japan product is popular overseas as failure resistant and has a long usable life.Accordingly,selling company of Japanese products has increased.We are selling Japanese products not just for business.We believe that want to enjoy the benefits to everyone by selling a good product.
<about purchase and sales>
  • We understand that Japanese products are excellent price and quality than the new product in other countries one.
  • We also offer a fair price and a select carefully.
  • It will make the our business formation without going through a middleman.As a result,We can offer a high quality product at a reasonable price.
  • some customers probably think of the price is high.However, we are screened and provide a valuable goods.We hope you understand.
<We will focus on customer service>
  • If you have any questions,we will support courteous anytime.
  • All of brand new products are guaranteed for one year.
  • Used product is provided on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.We will try as much as possible can to be able to pass the information of the current condition.
  • To report a creative products that was born in Japan on our Facebook page to everyone, who requires that information.
    In addition, we will also deliver risk information for the safety work,trade data of heavy equipment and the like.  Please reference.
<Privacy Policy>
BOS Corp takes our responsibility regarding the protection of customers information very seriously and we will keep information that the customers inform us securely and confidentially with respect to our standard privacy of information protection to prevent damage to the customers.
We aim for development of new market.However,it is accompanied by risk.We will provide a good product for a customer,sharing the benefits and the joy.We want to realize that.
<Offices and staff>
 There are our sales offices in Japan and in the Philippines.BOS & BUCKETHAND respond to Philippine's customer.BOS TRADING responds to other countries customer.
To introduce our sales staffs.
BOS Trading Corporation : President
BOS BUCKETHAND Corporation : Sales Consultant 
Koji Nakayama

Company Presentation