Backhoe Attachement "Bukethand"           Rental for Temprary "Gondola"

Japan supply "Second hand product"                     Replacement goods


Our company called BOS ( Blue Ocean Strategy) corporation. We will develop an unexplored field "Blue ocean market" as a pioneer company. That is why we supply products which can only  be produced by us.

We can look for a high-value and competitive  products in Japan.

We will afford a leap value for you while unlocking your new  demand.

Our main product will present an industry vehicle and parts required for the infrastructure as first step.Sales area is in fast-growing asian market. Because japan products has rich in imagination,practical,high reliability. It has supported the rapid growth of Japan. And also we are believing that there are many indispensable products to asian growth in Japan.

Introduce for  ORIGINAL backhoe attachment

We will supply backhoe parts developed uniquely by our supplier to realize company philosophy ”BOS".Its name is BUCKETHAND that our main products.
The development concept is maximize of a mini backhoe potential capacities.
This product attach to increase the functionality for backhoe bucket,you can carry to objects of various shapes and  grab one.
Also your mini backhoe would be up work performance and efficiency of performance besides the bucket arm increase strength as a sub-function.
Can be used in 10 seconds in when you want to use.
You will be able to choose from a variety of our optional parts.
The product details introduce in a separate page.